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Autumn Datafest

We invite you to the autumn round of Tableau DataFest, which offers new topics and the opportunity to participate in interactive Tableau POP UP workshops. The three workshop topics are divided according to levels of your experience with Tableau. Reserve your seat through our online booking.

Autumn Datafest
Autumn Datafest

Čas a místo

10. 10. 2023 8:30 – 12:00

Hotel Lindner , Metodova 4, 821 08 Bratislava-Ružinov, Slovakia

O události

Autumn DataFest will bring new experiences from data analytics projects and modern AI including. You'll learn how Mattek company combined the power of Salesforce, Tableau, and other systems under single analytics umbrella. In addition, you can try our interactive Tableau POP UP workshops. Book your personal consultations today, which will take place during the DataFest. One slot is suitable for 1 to 2 participants from your company. Reserve your seat here: Book Tabelau POP UP


  • 30 minut


  • 30 minut

    Tableau News/Tabelau novinky

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