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Digital transformation is also awaiting manufacturing companies

Updated: May 2

In the rapidly developing world of today, digitalization is a key factor in efficiency and innovation. However, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, there are still many manufacturing plants and factories that are just waiting for their digital transformation.

Therefore, at Data Tailors, we decided to actively support the digitization of the manufacturing sector. In collaboration with Tableau, a leader in the field of analytics and reporting, we provide solutions that transform traditional reporting of manufacturing processes into intelligent and efficient analyses.

One of the current examples is our analysis of production at our client RMS. In addition to working on the computer, we verified the situation in production with a personal visit. Such a meeting at the "scene of the action" provided us with valid information for our project in Tableau. The result will be a statistical interactive platform for quality control.

Another advantage of using analytics for the manufacturing sector is ensuring the planning of predictive maintenance of machines. Simply put, it is possible to predict the wear and tear of individual parts and efficiently plan their replacement. Therefore, the usability and lifespan of the machines are automatically increased.

Solutions with Tableau for the manufacturing sector bring:

  • accurate tracking of the current usability of machines

  • predictive maintenance - extending the lifespan of machines

  • increased production and efficient process management based on data

Tableau and world leaders in the manufacturing sector


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