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Who we are and how we work, we discussed in an article for Startitup

Updated: May 2

"For clients, we work only on meaningful projects and bring modern analytics, BI with AI to Slovakia.”

We met at one company, where our personal experiences convinced us that we wanted and knew how to do things differently. Therefore, in the middle of the pandemic, we founded Data Tailors – own startup focused on modern analytics and BI (Business Intelligence). Today, we live in three cities and together strive to change the data world.

Tomáš, Bratislava

"We started our journey on a green field," says Tomáš Oravec, COO of Data Tailors. "Before, we all worked mostly abroad, and we knew the Slovak market rather superficially.

That's why we wanted to transform our rich experiences into meaningful projects right here in Slovakia. And even though digitalization is in full swing here, data processing and the efficient use of information remain a challenge."

In the capital city this year, Data Tailors organized two events named 'Datafest' in collaboration with Tableau. These events focused on presenting the results of real analytical projects and at the same time on the latest trends and technologies in this area. The meetings attracted experts, enthusiasts, and professionals in the field of BI and analytics, offering a platform for education, networking, and sharing knowledge about data-based strategies and innovations.

Marek, Žilina

Data Tailors company prides itself on more than half a century of experience in its industry. One of its data titans is Marek Čerňanský, who claims that his main job in the company is making coffee. However, his visions and approach have a decisive influence on moving the company forward.

"Success in BI depends on precise data cleaning, thorough transformation, and constant adjusting of data models. These fundamental processes are like the foundations of a house; without them, we cannot achieve reliable results and gain customers' trust," are Marek's words, reflecting on the correct management of data projects.

"For our clients seeking answers to what reserves their companies have, we recommend using modern analytical tools. For us, Tableau is the clear choice, excelling in unique visualization capabilities and offering advanced and, most importantly, fast analyses. Its connectivity with various data sources, flexibility, and scalability makes it a universal tool for comprehensive data analysis needs.”

Filip, Praha

In November, Data Tailors also presented at the major international conference Salesforce Innovation Day Prague, where the small Slovak company stood out among market leaders such as Accenture, Enehano, and FLO.

"Nothing is a coincidence, our presence in Prague was a prelude to our operations in this city. In the new year, we are opening a new office, thereby extending our presence to the Czech Republic," confirms Filip Pokorný, CEO of the company, who is a global expert in data infrastructure and architecture for clients.

Information Transformation

Data Tailors perceives data as a source of valuable information that helps companies transform into actual knowledge. This enables them to better predict market trends, optimize operations, and create customized solutions for their customers.

In today's world, the transformation of data into knowledge has become an integral part of business decision-making. The integration and processing of various types of data sources have become essential for effective decision-making under rapidly changing market conditions.

The automation of data processing and the use of tools for their visualization contribute to a better understanding of complex relationships and support informed decision-making within the company.

The current era is defined not only by the collection and analysis of data but primarily by their transformation into valuable outputs in the form of stories or dashboards. These tools allow businesses not only to better understand their markets and processes but also to generate innovations and achieve growth.


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