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Based on the our data evaluation, promotional and marketing campaigns were created.

Customer's Field of Operation: A German online store specializing in groceries and drugstore items.. 

Reasons for Change: The company recognized the need to better understand their customers in order to strengthen sales and maximize turnover. Customer segmentation based on their shopping behavior was necessary. The goal was to optimize the customer's shopping basket and recommend related products, with outcomes also used for targeting marketing campaigns.

Solution Proposal and Implementation: We worked with data from stores in Berlin and Munich. We compared shopping behaviors and segmented customers into groups based on evaluated criteria. From the data obtained, we identified which products were frequently purchased together and optimized the "shopping basket" for customers. For each newly created group, we developed combinations of products that were subsequently offered to the customer. Based on the data evaluation, promotional and marketing campaigns were created. Their success, based on our recommendations, met the customer's primary goal of increasing the margin on sold products.

Current Use and Practical Application of Our Solution: We established a recommendation system. Based on this, the customer gained clear information on which product to suggest and discount at the right time to motivate increased purchasing. This approach has successfully increased turnover and targeted product sales effectively.

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